Thursday, 28 August 2014

The Nightshade Cases (Episode 2: Exotica) by Patti Larsen

*I received a copy of this novel from Badass Marketing in exchange for an honest review. 

Bodies wash up on the Silver City beach all the time, but this one is different. Detective Gerry Meyers is once again hot on the case with the help of medical examiner Dr. Ray Hunter and anthropologist Dr. Kinsey DanAllart. For this new case to be solved, they will need to uncover the dangerous secrets that led to the deaths at a popular new nightclub, Exotica. Will they deduce a logical explanation for the murders? Or will they uncover a darker and deeper conspiracy hiding the truth about what is lurking on the streets of the Silver City?  

The hints and teases of a supernatural conspiracy hiding within the pages of this series is one episode away from making me insane with the thirst (haha) for knowledge and information about what the heck is going on! I must know how all of these weird happenings are all threaded together before I lose my mind. Whilst I still adore the three main characters, the absolutely stubborn-headed Gerry is going to be the death of me, just admit that there is something not normal going on ok, thanks. The writing is my favourite part of this series because it is always so vivid in detail in my mind, it really makes me feel like I am the director of it. I am really starting to feel the anticipation of a fantastic and awesome supernatural reveal, but it really needs to hurry up because my mind can't handle the jittery excitement! 

Rating: 4/5 Titans

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