Friday, 1 August 2014

Awakening the Fire

In a world that is very much aware of the fact that supernatural creatures walk amongst them, Guardian Arianna Calin has sworn to keep the peace between not only the humans and 'otherworlders', but the various factions of the supernatural including the vampires, werewolves and the witches who are constantly battling each other for supremacy. But that's not the end of it, keeping up with the constant power plays within the nests, packs and covens can be extremely tiring for a Guardian who only seeks to keep everyone within her town safe.  Luckily Ari has some help of her own in the form of her witchy fire powers and her human partner Ryan. But when vampires start acting up in random acts of violence and bodies start turning up at every turn, it is up to Ari and the enigmatic vampire Adrian, to figure out who-or what-has begun to make their play for the vampire throne in Riverdale. 

Off to a slow start, Shield weaves a confusing yet intriguing story of the various sectors of supernatural who don't always get along with each other (shocking). Although I enjoyed 'Awakening the Fire' I found myself reading along without really seeing the words or grabbing the full meaning of what just happened. I like my stories action packed, and Shield's book just didn't give me this; too much sitting around talking and not enough ass have the power over fire and you used it twice throughout the entire book! But I digress, a good story if you love murder investigations with a big dollop of supernatural themes, dark love interests, betrayal and blood. 

Rating: 3/5 Titans

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