Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Blade Song by J.C. Daniels

Kit Colbana- half-breed, assassin, thief and mercenary has a new job. But in an alternate universe where supernatural creatures are almost as common as the humans, these jobs can get a little hairy (literally) as well as mortally dangerous. But this last job has just raised the chances of imminent death to an almost 100% guarantee, because if Kit cannot find the runaway teenage nephew of the local cat Alpha, there will be hell to pay. It doesn't help that the Alpha is a bat-shit-cray-cray shapeshifter who everybody is too afraid to stand up to. Luckily Kit has friends in high places as well as witchy ones who can heal just about anything she comes home with. And lets not forget the infuriatingly arrogant cat shifter who has been assigned to her until the job is complete, he is to act as both her body-guard, baby-sitter, tattle-tale and executioner all rolled into one annoyingly pretty face. 

Fascinating world-building, maybe a little something to be desired, but the amazing kick-ass heroin of the story made up for it. I loved Kit, loved her one-liners, but I especially loved that even though she had inner demons from her brutal past that she carried around with her, she was able to look past them in order to do her job and save everyone she could. The way she was raised did not define how she viewed the lives of everyone around her, nobody deserves to be hurt, no matter who or what you are, and that was the main message I took away from Daniel's story. Interesting minor characters, although sometimes they blurred in together, especially the witches, but overall they mostly had their own traits, voices and characteristics. I have been hearing that Kit Colbana is the new Kate Daniels (see review of Magic Breaks), and although there are some similarities in the main character a love for sharp, pointy things and a cat shapeshifter as the main love interest , they have such different plots, supporting characters, world-building and narration that there should not be any comparisons drawn between the two. A great adventure if you love everything fantasy, supernatural and magic-we are even introduced to a new spin off of a mythological creature, which I found very intriguing as there was just so many paths to take it down, rather than the generic vampire and werewolf powers that everybody knows about. 

Rating: 3/5 Titans

"Child, you suffer from an excess of great stupidity or great bravery. I'm not sure which."

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