Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Kindling Ashes by Laura Harris

Sixteen years ago the Dragon War was fought and the dragons were killed out...or at least the human's believed them to be. But the alpha dragon Baltair was able to conserve the soul of himself and the rest of his nest by hiding them away in the bodies of humans. But the dragon souls cannot be contained within the body of a human forever and even now their hosts are becoming weakened, some even dying from the exertion of having two souls. Giselle is a teenaged gold smuggler working on the streets of Auland who struggles to survive on the street with the help of the voice in her head, so when she is given the opportunity to travel to the mountains that she and Voice have dreamed about for so long, she jumps at the chance. Corran is the youngest son of the dragonslayer that led the battle all of those years ago, he is the weakest amongst his brothers and seeks the approval of his legendary father, so when he hears rumours of dragon sympathises is the area he decides that this is the opportunity to prove himself once and for all. But as soon as he embarks on his journey of lies and betrayals, his destiny will be changed forever.
Ever since the beauty and success of Eragon, I have been searching for the next dragon book that I would fall in love with, and sadly, Kindling Ashes is not that book. 
I enjoyed the world that Harris has created and it is a very unique and different idea amongst the young adult and fantasy genre, but the characters, whilst interesting, I did not fully connect with. Corran is an egotistical and immature child that continuously made me want to slam the book shut, but his character development was his saving grace, whilst Giselle on the other hand was a selfish girl who couldn't even bear to think about having to let her dragon leave her body, and her character development needed more of something. The beginning drew me into the story, but by the end of it I was glad that it was finished. Kindling Ashes had a lot of potential and I was a bit disappointed that it didn't live up to it.

Rating: 2.5/5

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