Thursday, 10 July 2014

Firebolt by Adrienne Woods

16 year old Elena Watkins never believed in the fairy tales that her father told her, but when she is attacked by those very same fairy tales and her father is killed, Elena enters a world of dragons and dragon riders. Entered into a school where she must learn what her birthright entails, Elena is pitted against other students who have had their whole lives to train in the art of swordplay and magic, and the only way that she is ever going to graduate is on the back of her very own nightmare. Woods has created a very unique world in which everyone who reads Firebolt wants to be apart of, the action is non-stop and very well put together and the characters are very realistic in their mannerisms and conversations (well, as far as shape-shifting dragons go). Firebolt is a must read for all fantasy and dragon fans and I have very high hopes and expectations for the next book in the Dragonian series, entitled 'Thunderlight'. 

Rating: 4.5/5 Titans

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