Friday, 22 January 2016

Pawn of the Phoenix by Jamie McLachlan Review


*ARC received for an honest review, thank you!

Braxton 1903,

The serial killer known as the Phoenix continues to roam the streets and a new victim falls prey. For Moira and Detective Keenan Edwards, still on the hunt for the Phoenix, the rules have changed. The killer remains beyond their grasp. Moira is willing to give into ger fierce attraction to Keenan. However, the detective proves to be more reluctant despite a moment of heated passion. Then discovery of a secret Keenan never planned to share creates an unwelcome rift between the two new lovers. Keenan isn't the only one hiding something. Moira makes a startling disclosure about her past, which will not only test the boundaries of love, but might also be the clue that will finally unravel the mystery of the Phoenix. 

The second instalment to the 'Memory Collector' series, 'Pawn of the Phoenix' invites readers back into the world of empaths, murders, mysteries and romance. This next book in the series is filled with everything I loved about the first book, including an interesting and dark world, alluring characters riddled with ulterior motives, and the budding hopeless romance between a slave and Detective, and much more. While this alternative universe is dark, gritty and brutal, it is exactly these attributes that pulls in readers and leaves them wanting more more more. The characters are the best part of these books, especially the protagonist Moira, providing some humour in horrible situations, while not making light of the tragedies that befall her. Despite everything that she has been put through, she manages to hope for a better life and find someone to put before herself. No one is as they seem, and it is the most innocuous characters that may pose the greatest threat. Another wonderful and exciting read from Jamie McLachlan that will have you on the edge of your seat. 

Rating: 4.5/5

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