Tuesday, 3 March 2015

You Are Mine by Janeal Falor

*ARC received for an honest review, thank you!

Serena knows a few simple things. She will always be owned by a warlock. She will never have freedom. She will always do what her warlock wishes, regardless of how inane, frivolous or cruel it is. And if she doesn't follow the rules, she will be tarnished. Spelled to be baled, inked, and barren for the rest of her life-worth less than the shadow she casts. The her ownership is won by a barbarian from another country. With the uncertainty that comes from being owned by a new warlock, Serena questions if being tarnished is really worse than being owned by a barbarian, and tempts fate by breaking the rules. When he looks the other way instead of punishing her, she discovers a new world. The more she ventures into the forbidden, the more she learns of love and a freedom just out of reach. Serena longs for both. But in a society where women are only ever property, hoping for more could be deadly. 

Yer, ok, this blurb really makes the book seem like a smutty bondage type scenario and plot, but it is the furthest thing from it, seriously, there is not even a single bit of fluff in here. Falor's world is scary. That is really the only word that jumped out at me while reading this. Women are treated as slaves, subjected to beatings by their husbands and fathers. They are possessions, so damaged that they can barely think for themselves. The only real value they hold to this society is as a way for warlocks to enhance their power by feeding off of theirs! It was SCARY! But it was also a fantastic world for a great heroin to flourish. Serena was a great main character, selfless, caring and a little bit of a rebel, despite having been subjected to unimaginable suffering and pain, even more so being the oldest of fourteen sisters and always taking the blame for everything they did. 'You Are Mine' was a fantastic and worthwhile read, it was heavy, but it was an eye opener because you are reminded that there are women all around the world who are dealing with this kind of draconian brutality...minus the warlock and magical powers aspect. While the story was great, it really needs a new blurb and maybe even a new cover, I just don't feel like they convey what this story is actually about. 

Rating: 3.5/5

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