Saturday, 7 March 2015

Omega by S.M. Reine

*ARC received for an honest review, thank you!

Ten years ago, Deirdre Tombs died. When she was reborn the next day, Deirdre had became a shapeshifter who can't shift shapes. No body knows what animal she's supposed to be. She's definitely not a werewolf. The Alpha, Riley Gresham, can't force her to transform like other members of her pack. Now Deirdre is considered an Omega, the weakest shapeshifter in the pack-a vulnerable position when Everton Stark demands tribute from Riley. He want to be the dominant Alpha. The only Alpha. And he plans to make her pack submit whether they want to or not. Stark can make every shifter obey him by force of will alone. Every shapeshifter except Deirdre. The shifter who can shift is the only hope for Riley to win the war against Stark. It will take everything Deirdre has to survive undercover in his den. But can an Omega's will be stronger than that of a charismatic, deadly Alpha like Everton Stark?

I enjoyed this adventure very much, and the ending had me in shock and begging for the next book, but I was a little bit lost at the start as I hadn't read the series that this one had come from. But after piecing some things together, like the end of the world and that Riley and Abel were actually in fact characters from the 'Season's of the Moon' series, I began to really get into the book. I don't really know if I liked it or not to be honest, Deirdre was an awesome character, but I think the author really needs to let go of Riley's character...she's had like three series written about her now. The world-building was boring, sadly. It is the same world that the author has used in almost all of her series, it just wasn't original enough for me. But that being said, I enjoyed the plot, the mystery behind Deirdre's shapeshifting form (which I still haven't found out so I'm going to have to read the next book) and the not-quite-there relationship between Deirdre and bear-shifter Gage. Despite some disappointments, I will still be impatiently waiting for book two of the 'War of the Alpha's' series. 

Rating: 3/5 

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