Sunday, 5 April 2015

Koven by Vanessa Skye

*ARC provided in exchange for an honest review, thank you!

When Celeste was kidnapped and turned a century ago by a cruel vampire fighter, she expected to spend her doomed eternity chained in darkness and questioned her ability to survive. But things don't always go as expected. Just ask her kidnapper. He never expected Celeste to learn how to fight. He never expected Celeste to become the best warrior he had ever seen. And he certainly never expected to become a victim of his own sword. Tormented by her past and dreams she can't explain, Celeste romans the earth slaying creatures she loathes and seeking revenge against those who harm innocents in the name of bloodlust. Until she crosses paths with Striker, the handsome vampire leader weighed down by his own tortured story. In his quest for answers about Celeste, Striker finds out more than he could have ever thought possible-about himself, his origins and his destiny. 

While I did enjoy this book and loved the characters, there were just a bit too many comparisons between this story and J.R. Ward's 'Black Dagger Brotherhood' series. For example, in Koven the letter 'K' is used a lot in names and places where it shouldn't be, while in Ward's series, the letter 'H' is used in names such as Rehvenge and Rhage, another one is that Striker is the leader of a small group of exceptional warrior vampires, just as Wrath is. 'Koven' just didn't feel very original, but in saying that, I still loved the main character Celeste and her story of revenge, love and finally being able to move on from a horrific past, and while Striker's and Celeste's love story felt a bit rushed, I still managed to be happy for them without rolling my eyes. This is a hard book to rate for me, I was never once bored while reading, but I wasn't fully engaged either, and while I will read the next in the series if I have time, I will not be actively searching relentlessly for it. 

Rating: 2.5/5

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